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It is finally here, the anticipation is over! Beautymark.by Nicki is going to share with you the ins & outs of choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. Choosing your hairstyle is one of the hardest tasks for a Bride. I’m sure you have changed your mind at least a hundred times. I mean how can you choose just one when you have so many choices? There are many factors that go into choosing a style; Will it last all day? How will it look in pictures? What style do I choose for my bridesmaids? It goes on & on, every little detail matters! No need to worry, having the privilege of working with so many brides, we know the pros and cons of what works and what doesn’t and we are here to help you.

Our recommendation

It is very important to understand & accept your hair and the texture of it. What might work for one bride might not necessarily for another. Length of hair is a key factor when choosing your style; and most importantly color, they go hand in hand, so you want to be certain you have a color that goes with your skin tone and works with your features! We want you to be in love with your hair looking back at pictures years down the road.
Bride and Groom Holding Hands Before an Officiant


The countless advantages to having your hair down; You can show off your stunning hair with today’s down styles, from soft loose curls to beachy waves. No matter the style you choose, you can ensure it will be comfortable and you won’t have a million pins to deal with by the end of the night! This natural style will have you looking effortless. You can also enhance your look with extensions for fullness, this can change your look dramatically leaving your hair feeling abundant and luxurious.
Groom Kissing the Forehead of His Bride with Blonde Hair

Half-up Half down

This is a one of a kind look. Half up-half down is the perfect style for indecisive. This style is sophisticated and it allows you to bring attention to your face. When tastefully done, you can enhance your look with braids, flowers or accessories to give it a bohemian feel. If you have a piece of jewelry, whether it a statement necklace or gorgeous earrings, this style will allow you to emphasize those key pieces and polish off your Bridal look.
Bride having her hair styled


How many opportunities come in life when you find yourself rockin’ a beautiful up-do and not feeling overdone? Your wedding is the perfect occasion! When done properly, this beautiful classic style should last all day and still look amazing at the end of the night. One of the perks of putting your hair up are that it allows you to be worry free while looking timeless and beautiful. There are so many options when it comes to putting your hair all up; Going completely smooth or tossing in some curls cascading down around your face, giving it the feeling of romance. You can’t go wrong with this classy, elegant look when properly executed.