Naples, Florida is a great place to consider permanent makeup. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a hot day at the beach, hit the tennis courts or jump in the pool and not worry about your brow makeup melting or smudging all over your face? Our expert permanent makeup artists are a dream come true for many Naples women who want the ease of looking great with no effort. Below are common questions about permanent makeup. Feel free to call us to schedule an appointment!

Q; What should I not do before my permanent makeup appointment?
A; Avoid any facial or waxing services, as well as the use of any creams containing retinol a. These things will not only effect the procedure but can cause more irritation than needed. It is advised to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking any blood thinners before hand, they can dalate the blood vessels and cause more bleeding which will also affect the process. Best thing to do is to refrain from these things up to a week prior and to come in with a clean face.

Q; How long does healing take?
A; Healing takes aproximately 7-10 days and if dry healing 10-12 days. After initial healing it takes 2-4 weeks for the color to fully settle. Other factors like having diabetes can slow down recovery time.

Q; What is the best ointment to use for healing?
A; Having permanent makeup myself as well as convantional tattoos, I will have to say aquaphor which I hand to you in your aftercare kits, as well as antibacterial soap.

Q; Does it hurt?
A; I use a very strong numbing cream although most people feel a little bit on the first pass. It is brief though. I go from brow to brow and numb in between so that you stay pain free after that initial past. A disclaimer will be that, certain people that bleed more than others, do not numb very well, or have other conditions are more susceptible to a little bit more discomfort.

Q; How long does the process take?
A; The process can take from 45-60 minutes. That includes numbing, brow shaping and stenciling, picking colors, and the actual procedure.

Q; How long will my permanent makeup last?
A; It depends on many factors.

  1. Skin type. Your daily exposure to the sun prior to the procedure, how oily your skin is, elasticity, and even the amount of melanin you posess effects how pigment stays.
  2. Your daily activities and sun exposure after the procedure. The more sun you are exposed to the less time they will last. Applying a lot of creams with retinol a around the area will also fade them quicker.
  3. The amount of bleeding during the procedure is a good determination but may not always mean they will fade faster.
  4. How light your color is. If you are a blonde and we decided to go with a very light pigment color it will fade faster than someome who we used an expresso or dark brown color on.
    I suggest to wear sun screen on any brow procedure, but depending on these factors microblading should last a year (but for some it can last from 1 1/2 -2 years). Powder brows can last from 3-5 years. Lip procedures can last from 3-5 years. Eyeliner can last from 3-5 years as well.

Bottom line everyone is different.

Q; What is the difference between microblading and powder brows.
A; Microblading gives you a more natural look by semi permanently tattooing lines to mimic hairstrokes. This procedure is done with a handheld pen that holds a number of needles to implant the pigment onto the skin. This option is less permanent than the powder brows but is great for somoene that is looking for a softer more natural look.
Powder brows unlike microblading is done with a rotary tattoo machine. This method lasts longer than microblading, and gives a brow a soft look as if you filled them in with a powder or pomade. Powder brows are different than the traditional tattooed brows from 2 decades ago. This style is softer yet gives you a nice full brow. You may also ombre them from the tails to the section above the duct of the eye for an even more natural makeup look.

Q; Do I need a consultation?
A; It is not recquired yet it is highly recommended. Although I do a small follow up consultation during the procedure it is nice to let me know with time that you would like a full length consultation there for I may answer all questions you may have.

Q; What procedure do you do more of?
A; I perform on more brows than eyes and lips. Although I can do them all microblading and powder brows are the most sought out procedure for me.

Q; How much are touch ups?
A; One touch up is included in your first appointment with me. After that touch up prices are always half the price of the original price.

Q; Will I be swollen after the procedure?
A; With brows, you will not be swollen but the area will be red and sensitive, after the first day the brows will be very dark until they peel revealing the true color.
With eyeliner you will be sore and a little swollen but not as much as you think. Icing the eyes will help bring down any inflamation and should subside after the third day.
With lips, they will be swollen for a week or so. I suggest to ice them to help with inflamation.

Q; Will I be in pain or sore during healing time?
A; No they will only be sore for about 1-4 hours, but after that you will feel no soreness nor pain.

Q; How should I take care of my permanent makeup?
A; I go over every instruction after the procedure. I hand everyone an after care kit along with instructions that I go over once we are done.

Q; Are there any complications?
A; As long as you follow all after care instructions and keep the area clean then there should be no complications. You may be prone to infections if you do not take care of the tattooed area properly.