Confessions of a Stylist

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We have a confession to make; there’s a way to beat summer hair. The hot and humid summer can be a drag on the hair, so we are here to help you take care of your gorgeous locks and keep your hair feeling healthy and hydrated all-season long. There are a few things about summer that our hair doesn’t always agree with, the sun, swimming in chlorine or salt water, and not to mention the hot tools we use. Now this can be a brutal combination when you add products into the equation, they can cause major build up on the hair cuticle, leaving you with dull hair. That’s why it is super important to know the right products to use them correctly for your hair type.

goldwell-leaveinconditionerDon’t be shy give your hair some love this summer, with our favorite leave in product by Goldwell. This product is in an easy to use spray bottle & with a couple of shakes mixes the product together. This Leave in conditioning serum is a must have not for just summer but for life. It has UV complex that conditions and protects blonde hair from brassy tones, as well as protection from all environmental elements. This leave-in is a must have, it is the perfect way to nourish that damaged, hard to brush hair. The Goldwell Blonde & Hi light leave-in is designed to hydrate, while providing weightless conditioning.
biphasic-infusion-pai-shauAs we know, the most difficult thing our medium to thick haired clients are facing this summer, is frizz! Well, we are letting you in on our new obsession, Biphasic Infusion from Pai-Shau. Biphasic infusion is a potent rejuvenated concentrate containing their signature tea complex, a weightless silk concentrate that supplies ultimate hydration. Biphasic infusion provides extreme shine while promoting healthier hair from the very first use. Biphasic infusion contains a medical grade silicone that enters the hair cuticle to nourish from the inside out, instead of sitting on top of the hair.
kendi-micro-dry-oil-mistWe are passionate about Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Kendi Micro Dry Oil Mist. This product is user friendly, packaged in an aerosol. Kendi Micro Dry Oil Mist is perfect for anyone, we use it on every client that sits in our chair! Extremely lightweight, it makes the perfect finish for any style. The fragrance alone will have you hooked, Kendi Micro Dry Oil Mist is the complete package to combat the summer frizz!
bamboo-anti-humidity-hair-sprayAnother must have product is our Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray. This hair spray is truly one of a kind, we can’t get enough of it. Accurately doing its job supported with eco-certified bamboo & smoothing kendi oils for sleek, frizz free hair. It has strength and flexibility leaving your style flawless throughout the long summer days, blocking the humidity out… living in Florida we all know what the humidity does to our precious locks. Don’t be afraid of hair sprays they are here to help you!

These products are truly amazing for summer, go ahead and enjoy a day out without the worry of your hair frizzing up or falling down!